Spotlight Kid



Formed in Nottingham England, Spotlight Kid continue their assault against sonic mediocrity with an assuredness and an emotional depth. Drowned in Sound says, “ Spotlight Kid sounds like M83 landing on the moon with Neu! playing in the background.” Back in 2011, following a series of limited edition gig-only EPs and sold-out 7” singles, Spotlight Kid’s debut single proper, ‘There’s A Reason Why’ was added to BBc’s Radio 1. A stellar performance at Glastonbury Festival quickly followed and the spotlight was now on the band. Shoe gaze meets nugaze with influences from the likes of The Cure, Swervedriver, and My Bloody Valentine have allowed Spotlight Kid to produce a heady mix that runs through the entire gamut of emotions with fuzzy guitars wrapped in layers of reverb and boy/girl vocals climbing the layered walls of distortion.

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